P – TRAINS (Astrin Phosphora) – PhD:



Ann Eysermans (Antwerp, 1980) is a musician, performer, composer and painter. She studied at the Brussels Conservatory and obtained her Master’s degrees in Muziekschriftuur (classical harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition) in 2004 and Jazz in 2007. She plays double bass, viola da gamba and harp (improvisation and contemporary, experimental music) with various groups such as FENNA, Fnussjen, [Insert Name Here] and DUO. At ChampdAction, an interdisciplinary development and production platform for creators, she is artist in residence and performer in several productions.

From 2010 to 2014 she has been working on an intermedial doctoral research (FWO, VUB, KCB, ChampdAction): “P – TRAINS (Astrin Phosphora)”. She obtained her ‘Doctoraat in de Kunsten’ – with congratulations of the jury – at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Many graphic scores from this audiovisual project are performed by different musicians and ensembles, both nationally and internationally. Her unbridled fascination for trains is still reflected today in new tape compositions with train sounds, train poems, images and videos in which moving electric trains and old diesel locomotives appear for various projects.

Ann currently works at MATRIX [Centre for New Music] as artistic director within the educational activities. In addition to all these artistic activities, she is continuing her studies in Philosophy at the VUB.